Do your doctors practice the same kind of medicine?
Yes. Both of our doctors have been Board Certified in Family Medicine and have many years of experience providing medical care. Each of our doctors chose to
expand his approach to include functional and integrative medicine, and has spent
several years studying and developing a cutting edge and science-based methodology.
They meet together at least once a week to review and discuss cases, and you will get
the same quality of care and attention from both of our doctors.

Do you take my health insurance or Medicare / Medicaid?
The insurance and government health care reimbursement systems do not
support a functional and integrative medicine approach (which is what we use.)
Therefore, in order to be able to provide the sort of health care that we are passionate
about, we are a “fee for service” medical clinic and ask for payment from you at the time
of service. We DO provide you with a complete “super bill” that gives you all of the
detailed information that you can use to seek reimbursement from your insurance
provider. Many of our patients are successful in getting reimbursed for a large amount
of their expenses with our clinic. However you should not count on being reimbursed
through your insurance. Medicare and Medicaid patients are not allowed to request
reimbursement since our clinic does not participate in that system.

What kind of success do you have at treating complex medical conditions?
Naturally each patient is unique and presents a different set of challenges. We
have found that if we keep working at it, we usually have very good success in helping
even the most ill patients improve their health and outcome. While we cannot promise a
cure for every condition, the functional medicine approach is typically much more
effective at reversing the cause of chronic illness than the conventional medical model.
Our promise is that “we don’t quit!”

What does it cost?
Our base rate for doctor’s visits is $400/hr for follow up. Initial visits are typically packaged to include in-office screening labs/testing, doctor visit, and a consult with our nutritionist. The time recommended for the doctor visit will depend on the complexity of your health concerns. Cost for these initial visit packages can be discussed at the time of scheduling the appointment (970-495-0999).

Costs for our more common visits and therapies are as follows:
2 hour New Patient Package with Doctor- $555
3 hour New Patient Package with Doctor- $690
15 minute follow up with Doctor- $100
60 minute follow up with Doctor- $400 (Prorated for time)
60 minute New Patient Package with Nutritionist- $145
60 minute Nutrition follow up visit- $90
IV Meyers with 12.5g Vitamin C- $210
Prolozone Injection-  1 joint- $220    2 joints- $275
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy- $75 for 1 hour session
Frequency Specific Microcurrent Autocare- $1.00/minute up to $75/session
IV Ozone UBVI- $190
Due to ever changing costs of medical supplies, procedure charges are subject to more frequent changes.

For more information regarding our therapy services, please call our
Treatment Center (970-530-3060).

Do you treat out of state patients?
Yes. But we do require that any patient must come to our office in person for
their initial visit. Once a patient is established with our clinic, we often are able to
manage the follow-up and maintenance care long distance. However, there are
situations that may require that you return in person for needed treatment or follow-up.