General Clinic

As Family Practice and Internal Medicine physicians, our doctors evaluate and treat a wide variety of conditions and ailments for all ages and gender. While we spend a lot of effort working with people suffering with chronic and degenerative conditions, we also enjoy working with people who simply want to prevent illness and to enjoy healthy, productive lives.

Special programs (contact our clinic for more information)

We have developed special programs and approaches for the following:

  • Strategies for healthy aging = preventing diseases and infirmities of aging
  • Cancer Adjunctive Care = support for people fighting cancer including finding and eliminating causative factors, specific nutritional guidance, immune support, detoxification, and support protocols for chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  • Breast Cancer Prevention = specific program to reduce risk of breast cancer by finding and managing individual risk factors, evaluating genetics, and planning long term monitoring.
  • Autism spectrum care = biomedical and genetic approach to identify a child’s unique factors that can be corrected for improved function and development
  • Addictions and mood disorders = we are affiliated with the Inner Balance addiction recovery center in Loveland and offer therapies for neurotransmitter restoration, biochemical testing and rebalancing, and addiction recovery.