Our Philosophy:

Combines the approaches and paradigms of 1) Functional Medicine, 2) Integrative Medicine, 3) Epigenetic Medicine, and 4) Lifestyle Medicine.

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE is a patient-centered science-based, personalized approach to healthcare. It is focused on the assessment, prevention, and treatment of the underlying causes of illness rather than simply managing the symptoms of disease. Its goal is to restore health and improve function. It recognizes that each person is a unique creation with their own individual genetic blueprint, biochemistry, and physiology. Therefore the Functional Medicine approach involves careful and detailed evaluations of each patient’s specific history, environment and exposures, nutrition, biochemistry and other health factors as indicated by their illness.

INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE is the recognition that there a many proven treatment strategies that can be used to help someone regain their health. While mainstream conventional health care has dramatic success with treating acute illness, trauma, and various infections, it often performs poorly when dealing with chronic or degenerative conditions. Therefore we are willing to consider application of various minority approaches (such as nutrition, hyperbaric medicine, detoxification strategies, etc.) as long as they meet four key criteria: That they are 1) legal, 2) safe, 3) based on scientific evidence, and 4) have a reasonable expectation of positive results. The ability to combine the best and most effective therapies from a variety of sources is often called “Integrative Medicine”.

EPIGENETIC MEDICINE is the future of health care! It recognizes that the way our body functions (healthy or unhealthy) is the combination of our genetic code and the external environment that influences how the genes are expressed. We now have the ability to identify a person’s unique genetic settings for a variety of functions (immune system, detoxification, neurotransmitters, methylation, heart disease and cancer risk factors, etc.) We can use this information to determine what you need to do specifically to insure that your genes are working and expressing themselves in the best way possible = optimal health!

LIFESTYLE MEDICINE recognizes that most of the top diseases that people struggle with are primarily determined by their lifestyle choices: diet, activity, sleep, stress, relationships, sunshine exposure, toxic exposures, and hydration. It is these factors that have a dominant effect on determining genetic expression and risk for disease. Therefore we make a major effort to determine which lifestyle issues are affecting your health and to provide direction and support to help you make lasting and productive improvements in your lifestyle choices.

Our doctors and staff:

Our doctors are M.D.’s who have been Board Certified in Family Practice and who also have many years of training, experience, and certification in functional medicine, integrative therapies, and nutrition.

Roger Billica, M.D.

  • Morehead Scholar from the University of North Carolina
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice
  • NASA space program Chief of Medical Operations 1991-2000
  • Clinical Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine, University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston 1994-2002
  • Founder and President of Tri-Life Health, PC 2001-present
  • Author of a variety of publications and recipient of numerous awards

William Billica, M.D.

  • Morehead Scholar from the University of North Carolina
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice
  • Member of Family Practice faculty at Duke University and University of Arizona 1991-2004
  • Family Practice Department Chairman, Good Samaritan Hospital Phoenix, AZ 2000-2004
  • Designated as a “Top Doc” in Phoenix, AZ 1998-2004
  • Recipient of teaching awards from several medical residency programs

Cindy Adams, C.N.

  • Certified Nutritionist since 1999
  • Nutrition consultant for Vitamin Cottage
  • Certified in First Line Therapy therapeutic lifestyle change program
  • Certified Brain Integration Therapist
  • Certified in ART – Autonomic Response Testing