Exciting News!....

TriLife Health is now offering IV Stem Cell Therapy.

Every cell in the body can trace it’s origin to a stem cell. They are essential for regeneration, yet the number of bodily cells declines drastically with age.

IV Stem Cell Therapy can provide a counter to this decline and benefit the body with reduced inflammation, better immune function, enhanced tissue repair, and improved energy, metabolism and brain function.

Utilizing only the highest quality stem cells (sourced from umbilical cord, umbilical cord blood and amniotic membranes), our IV therapy provides the optimal therapeutic profile.

We are treating all conditions showing clinical benefit from Stem Cell therapy including:

Osteoarthritis                                              Neurodegenerative Conditions

Athletic Injuries & Performance                  Autoimmune Disorders

Musculoskeletal Pain                                Liver & Kidney Dysfunction

Wound Care & Healing                             Cardiovascular Disorders

Dermatologic Conditions                         Metabolic Disease including Diabetes

Age related decline                                    Hormone Imbalance

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Tri-Life Health has developed exciting, new skincare programs using cutting-edge, natural products and therapies. Whether you are experiencing the effects of aging, acne or other skin concerns, we offer comprehensive programs to meet these needs. Healthy skin can be achieved without the use of costly facial injections or surgeries, and without risk to your health. Our philosophy is simple: Radiant skin is only attained by addressing the body as a whole.

Our unique Radiance Skin Care Line is infused with custom, non-toxic ingredients such as collagens, peptides, lactic acids and glutathione. We integrate high quality topical skin care with therapeutic treatments such as intravenous Vitamin C and Microcurrent, for safe and rapid results. Nutrition consultations are included in each program.

Radiance Natural Skin Care Programs begin with a free 15 minute evaluation with our Nutritionist. Together you will determine which program works best for you. The skincare programs are customized to meet your specific goals.

Begin your journey to truly Radiant skin today…To schedule your free consultation call 970-530-3060