Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or breathing in pure oxygen while under pressure, offers your body numerous health, wellness, and healing benefits. Roger Billica, MD, William Billica, MD, and the team at Tri-Life Health use hyperbaric oxygen therapy to enhance your immune system and improve cell function. To learn more about this revolutionary treatment, and find out if it’s right for you, give the Treatment Center at Tri-Life Health a call today.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Q & A

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing high concentration oxygen in a pressurized chamber. It helps in the treatment of wounds, injuries, and many diseases. Hyperbaric oxygen works by saturating your red blood cells with oxygen, which increases delivery to the cells, enhancing your body’s natural healing response.

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy used for?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be advised as a part of the treatment for the following conditions.

  • Burns
  • Infections
  • Anemia
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Concussions or brain injury (stroke)
  • Radiation injuries
  • Cancer
  • Non-healing wounds

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can also be beneficial for the following situations.

  • Athletic recovery
  • Pre- and Post-altitude exposure
  • General fatigue and health promotion
  • Anti-aging

To determine if hyperbaric oxygen therapy is right for you, a Tri-Life Health specialist will review your medical and family history. This health screening will ensure that you are a good candidate for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

How should I prepare for hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

To prepare for hyperbaric oxygen treatment the following are required.

  • 100% cotton clothing must be worn (except for underwear)
  • Do not apply personal care products the day of your appointment (lotions, hair products, make-up, nail polish, etc.)
  • Electronic devices of any sort are not allowed in the chamber
  • Have meals, hydration, and medications as you normally do

What happens during hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

During hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you relax in a special pressurized chamber. At Tri-Life Health we use a “partial pressure chamber” that inflates to 1.3 atmospheres - the equivalent of swimming underwater at sea level to a depth of 11 feet.  It is considered very safe and effective. While in the chamber you wear an oxygen mask. You may feel an increased pressure in your ears, as when flying in an airplane. The treatment lasts one hour, and your provider monitors you throughout each session. You may rest, relax, and read a magazine.

What should I expect after treatment?

After hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you might feel hungry or tired, but you should be able to carry on with normal daily activities. 

More than one treatment session is typically advised to help you achieve the best outcome. The number of treatments you require depends on your condition and symptoms. It could range from 3-40 sessions. Over time, you’ll experience the ongoing benefits of therapy.

To optimize your health or address a specific medical issue, call the Treatment Center at Tri-Life Health for a consultation today.